Animated film for the exhibit This Land is Our Home: Wıìlıìdeh Yellowknives Dene
Exhibited at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife from October, 2015 to October, 2018.



Evolving lines: An Artifact Exploration Exercise Through Drawing and Handwriting (an animated loop)
Developed in collaboration with Dr. Megan Strickfaden
As design researchers, we question how, where, and why lines are drawn. It is through this spirit of inquiry that we
developed Evolving Lines, an artifact exploration project that makes use of drawing and handwriting as a means to
evoke and explore knowledge, meaning and cultural memory in community-based research. Through the use of
animation, we also provide a new way to communicate collaborative experiences, while suggesting ways of redrawing
the line between researcher and researched, material objects and people, past and present. Evolving Lines was
initially visualized by various participants from the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta.
This film was exhibited at Design Latitudes.



Resistance Art: an online presentation with the Centre for Global Education
This presentation, with speakers in Egypt, the United States, and Canada, is part of a global learning initiative that
bridges research with schools worldwide. As part of this presentation, we discussed art practice within a socially
responsible context.



Animated film for the July, 2010 Refinery event at the Art Gallery of Alberta

Illusion of Movement from Adolfo Ruiz on Vimeo.



Inscriptions: presented at Coming of Age, a Mile Zero Salon event
A presentation entitled Inscriptions, was part of the Mile Zero Salon event, Coming of Age. The presentation
involved a live blackboard drawing and the projection of an experimental 16mm film (using two projectors),
accompanied by the music of Michael Turner (Angelmark). The film is a piecing together of 16mm footage shot
in different countries, capturing imagery of urban landscapes, places of work, and family. Scratching and painting
over the film surface embodies the role of "forgetting" in the "formation of a new identity", as discussed in Paul
Connerton's writing on "cultural memory". Special thanks to the very talented Michael Turner for letting me
use his track, Unseen Hand, from the album uncertain futures and fading pasts.



Display exploring alternative narratives for an exhibition at the Edmonton Public Library in 2011