Various explorations of graphic design thinking within
the social geography of cities resulted in a series of
performances, urban journeys, and collage work that
are described in a recent publication, Design Education:
Approaches, Explorations and Perspectives,
edited by
Aidan Rowe and Bonnie Sadler Takach, from the
Department of Art and Design at the University of
Alberta. To the right is a collage based on an urban
journey through Edmonton's city centre, and below
are a series of images from a temporary performance
and take-over of a downtown parking space. At the
bottom of this page are more recent collage pieces,
followed by an opening image from my presentation
at PICA 2011 (education stream). The final two
pictures show typographic statements embedded in
snow. The published writing in which some of these,
and other projects, are discussed can be found in the
Publications and CV section of this website.

Performance photographs were taken by Jill Keech.