Light in the Borderlands is an experimental documentary film
recorded by participants who are legally blind. As part of a
project conducted by Dr. Megan Strickfaden (in Human Ecology)
and Adolfo Ruiz (in Design Studies) at the University of Alberta,
this video documents a series of conversations and explorations
of Edmonton's built environment with participants whose
perceptual experiences are, according to Beth Omansky
(2011, p.5), "vastly different from those of either sighted
or totally blind people". An article of this research, entitled
Spatial Explorations and Digital Traces has been published in
the peer-reviewed, open-access journal, Societies.

The notion of legal blindness as a borderland is based on Beth
Omansky's book, Borderlands of Blindness. Using her literature
as a starting point, this project provides an alternative form of
research into the experiences and perceptions of people who
are legally blind through an open-ended series of conversations
and co-designed urban explorations (Omansky, 2011, p.11).

This film has been presented with Dr. Megan Strickfaden at
several conferences, including Material Culture in Action at
the Glasgow School of Art
, and Under Western Skies 3 at
Mount Royal University, Calgary.

This research was supported by a University of Alberta Killam
Research Cornerstone Grant.

Omansky, B., 2011. Borderlands of Blindness. Boulder:
Lynne Reinner Publishers.