Lines screens at the Parkway in Baltimore

The short film, Lines, screened at Baltimore's Parkway Theatre, as part of the 2018 Black Maria Film Festival.



Article published by IJADE

The article, Transformation through Repetition, has been published by the International Journal of Art & design
Education, a peer-reviewed academic journal.


Film screening at the Revel Solstice Festival in Austin

A Blank Canvas—created with Dianne Donovan and Mitch Watkins—will be screened at the 2017 Revel Solstice Festival
in Austin, Texas on June 20.

A Blank Canvas from Adolfo Ruiz on Vimeo.



Short film presented at conference in Chester, England

In November, the research behind the short film, Lines, was presented at the 2016 conference of the International
Journal of Art & Design Education
, University of Chester, England. Thanks to Doug Burton for mentioning this research
in his summary of the conference.


Interview on Global Television


Film screened by Arte TV in Germany and France

The Woman Who Came Back is now shown by the Franco-German public broadcaster, Arte TV.




Premiere at the Edmonton International Film Festival

The short animated film, Adrift, will premiere at the 2016 Edmonton International Film Festival. This animated work
was created over a seven year period using a combination of hand-generated and computer techniques. The film
includes performances by Tim Harwill, Gary Cosgrove, and Jason Dirks. The soundtrack includes tracks by Angelmark
(Michael Turner), and Eduardo D'Agata. Below is a trailer for the film.


Article published in peer-reviewed journal

Spatial Explorations and Digital Traces: Experiences of Legal Blindness through Filmmaking has been published in the
peer-reviewed, open access journal, Societies. The article, describes the making of Light in the Borderlands, a short film
made in collaboration with participants who are legally blind. The article was co-written with Dr. Megan Strickfaden
from the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta.


Presentation at Mile Zero salon event

A presentation entitled Inscriptions, was part of the Mile Zero Salon event, Coming of Age. The presentation involved
a live blackboard drawing and the projection of an experimental 16mm film (using two projectors), accompanied by
the music of Michael Turner (Angelmark). The film is a piecing together of 16mm footage shot in different countries,
capturing imagery of urban landscapes, places of work, and family. Scratching and painting over the film surface
embodies the role of "forgetting" in the "formation of a new identity", as discussed in Paul Connerton's writing on
"cultural memory". Special thanks to the very talented Michael Turner for letting me use his track, Unseen Hand,
from the album uncertain futures and fading pasts


The Woman Who Came Back international screenings

The Woman Who Came Back — made in collaboration with elders and youth in the Tlicho region — has been screened at
several events over the last year inluding the Design Latitudes exhibit at the University of Alberta. The film was also in
competition at the Athens (Ohio) Film and Video Festival. Other screenings include the Bay Street Film Festival in
Thunder Bay; Ethnografilm, with screenings in Kenya, India, and France; Prairie Tales 16 – touring throughout Alberta
and other venues in Canada; and the Indianer Inuit Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany.



Yellowknife and Edmonton film screenings

The Woman Who Came Back, an animated film made in collaboration with the Tlicho community of Behchoko was screened
at several venues in September: the Yellowknife International Film Festival, Metro Cinema in Edmonton and the FAB Gallery
at the University of Alberta. There's also a story of the research/film on Northern News Service. Thanks to everyone who
made it out to the screenings.


Screening at the Gimli Film Festival in Manitoba

Kisses and Tears will be screened as part of the Best of the NSI Short Film program, at the Gimli Film Festival on Saturday, July 27.




Film to be presented at the ALTER Conference in Belgium

I am happy to announce that the Killam funded film and research project, Light in the Borderlands, will be presented by
Dr. Megan Stickfaden at the Second Annual Conference of Alter – European Society for Disability Research, in Leuven,
Belgium in July.



Documentary film to appear as part of Insight2

The experimental documentary film, Light in the Borderlands (a collaboration between members of the CNIB, and
researchers in Human Ecology and Design) will be part of the Insight2 exhibition at the University of Alberta: an
international exhibition and publication offering frameworks for examining linkages, experiences, visualisations
and productive imaginings at the nexus of the health humanities, design and community engagement.


Art workshop and research in the Northwest Territories

From April 23 to 29, I ran an art workshop at Chief Jimmy Bruneau High School in the community of Behchoko, in the
Northwest Territories. The workshop is part of an on-going collaboration between members of the Tlicho Government,
elders, youth and myself to visualize oral stories through art instruction, traditional illustration, and contemporary
animation. The week-long event began with a day of storytelling by elders, followed by a variety of in-class illustration
and animation exercises exploring the visualization of landscapes and oral narrative. The next workshop will take
place in the form of a land-based culture camp between July 16 and 20. Below are some images of student work
and activities.






Animation projects and collaborations

The National Screen Institute of Canada has posted my 2007 animated film, Kisses & Tears, on their new website. The film
was made using a combination of live-action and tracing techniques, and was screened as part of Prairie Tales 11, and the
centenary exhibit of the Escuela de Arte de Jerez in Spain. The project was originally commissioned for the 2007 Alberta
Media Arts Alliance conference

The 2009 animated film, A Blank Canvas, which was commissioned by the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA),
was a collaborative project with Austin-based jazz vocalist Dianne Donovan, in which we were each asked to create work
based on the idea of art and improvisation. My animation was created in response to Diannes's music. The film was
screened at the 2010 Edmonton International Film Festival, and the 2011 Mayor's Celebration of the Arts.