Urban Stories: This ongoing work is about relationships to and/or within built environments.
Told through animated video, these stories explore ideas about economy, alienation, family
relationships, the senses, creativity and improvisation. Fictional characters and cityscapes are
constructed through a combination of vector-based rotoscoping and collage. In making these
videos, I used computer software to interpret the gestural movement of my hand as I traced
over live action footage—this method makes reference to the mediating role of digital
technology within urban environments.


This is a trailer for a short film entitled, Adrift. The film includes performances by Tim
Harwill, Gary Cosgrove, and Jason Dirks. The soundtrack includes tracks by Michael Turner
(featured in this trailer), and Eduardo D'Agata. Adrift premiered at the 2016 Edmonton
International Film Festival.



Portrait of a Fictional Woman is a short film, which has been screened at several venues
throughout Edmonton. The music for this work was provided by Eduardo D'Agata.



A Blank Canvas was commissioned by the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA). It was
a collaborative project with Austin-based jazz vocalist Dianne Donovan, in which we were each
asked to create work based on the idea of art and improvisation. My animation was created in
response to Dianne's music. The film was screened at the 2010 Edmonton International Film
Festival, and the 2011 Mayor's Celebration of the Arts.



Kisses & Tears was commissioned by the Alberta Media Arts Alliance for their 2007 conference.
This film was selected for Prairie Tales 11, and was part of the NSI 2009 short film festival.